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Elder 10ml Stock Bottle

Elder 10ml Stock Bottle


Elder Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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This Celtic Moon phase is Elder. This is the darkest of seasons where daylight is limited. The Celtic word Ruis for this phase refers to both the name of the tree as well as the colour red. It is the fifteenth letter in the Ogham alphabet. Being one of the oldest and most sacred native trees, Elder is known for its magical and medicinal properties. 

It is also called the Tree of Fire, Old Lady, Pipe Tree and Elder Mother.  Its stems grow hollow and were used by many of our ancestors to blow down onto kindling when starting a fire, hence the association with the element. After Anglo-Saxon times many called it the Devil Tree as, supposedly, if your burned the bark you could see the devil. I personally think it was much more likely to be a tale told by people who had used Elder as firewood, as its twigs are unpleasant smelling and its soft white pith, when burnt, changes the colour of the flame which could have been viewed as magical or even scary.

The Elder tree is associated to many other myths and stories through its association with judgement, death and regeneration. For example, in Christianity Judas was said to have hung himself from and Elder tree and the crucifix was believed to be made of Elder wood. In Celtic belief the tree brought protection from evil and so was often planted near cattle and homes. It was strongly associated to the number thirteen being the thirteenth moon in the year, and therefore was, later, often connected negatively to witchcraft and superstition. Freya the Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle and death was thought to live in an Elder tree hence the superstition that you should not cut or damage it as this might anger the tree spirit or the goddess herself.

Elder generally grows as a small tree around 15 metres tall but is also often found as a shrub in hedgerows.  It is deciduous and has no fear of the future months being confident in its ability to survive the extremities that the winter can bring, including the cold weather and reduced sunlight. 

The Elder tree bears large amounts of creamy coloured, highly scented flowers, each with five petals. They grow as an inflorescence called a compound cyme which is large and flat. Their perfume attracts insects encouraging pollination and in late summer, as Autumn begins, each flower turns to a ripe purple berry. Both flowers and berries are made into herbal tinctures, wine, cordials and dyes. A word of caution, though.  Unripe berries are poisonous so only pick them when they have turned black. 

If you were born under the Elder you are likely to be naturally highly energetic, a thrill seeker and love to challenge yourself physically and mentally. You are an intelligent person who enjoys sharing knowledge and are likely to be one of life's inventors, philosophers or academics. You have a knack for brutal honesty, and sometimes come across as always wanting to be right. However, in reality you are extremely helpful and kind. You love to learn and are young at heart so are passionate about sharing knowledge with others. If not born under this phase but you feel a soul connection to Elder, you will recognise or aspire to channel this energy.

You may find you are very adaptable to change. Somein their younger adolescent years, are perceived as lacking direction or slightly rebellious. For others this is the case even when mature. You can come across as impulsive or indecisive, but in short, it is your way of demonstrating that you are full of life, a free spirit and ambitious. You have an excellent sense of humour and are curious and motivated. You are the sort of person who is ready to overcome any challenge through transformation, excitement and persistence. Just like the Elder tree, which grows easily from cuttings, you can regenerate and create.

This brings me to the message of the Elder tree, its energy and how it may offer its support through its essence. To which side our energies and emotions fall, depends on the environment around us and our experiences on our own journey thus far; but the Elder brings us a message of hope, transformation, rebirth, protection and healing of old patterns and negative feelings.

Elder's message is so positive. It brings support to transitions in life. It encourages self-love, enthusiasm and joy. It allows us to bring forward our best without restrictions of perfection, constraints or apprehension. 

Elder allows us to be in the moment. It helps release limiting beliefs, build trust rejuvenate and reinvigorate our energies. It can also give a sense of calmness, clarity and cleansing for those who need it.

Bringing in these feelings of kindness, passion and fun will also aid in dissolving negative feelings such as, blame, judgment and guilt. Elder allows us to be ourselves, be authentic, be recharged when needed and totally connected and at one with nature. As she adapts, so do we.

Other associations to this phase:

Animal: Raven, Badger and Black Horse

Colour: Green

Metal: Gold

Stone: Amber, Jet

Plant: Venus

Element: Water

Gender: Masculine 

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