An Apple a Day - Does it keep the doctor away?

I was reading a really interesting article on how apples have amazing Heath benefits - you can read it here ;

But did you know that fruit and vegetables are being gradually stripped of the natural goodness which makes them beneficial for health, experts have found.

An alarming drop in essential minerals means that the apples and greens of today are nowhere near as good for us as those eaten 50 years ago. 

Nutrients needed to help the body and immune system work properly, balance hormones and produce vital blood cells are dwindling,


Modern farming methods are blamed for the decline in minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium and potassium in fruit and vegetables.
Crops are being grown in soil stripped of its goodness. Vitamin loss could be exacerbated by fruits being picked before they are ripe.
They are often flown long distances before they actually hit the shelves and nutritionists say that fruit and vegetables which are fresh are more likely to contain the most vitamins.
Artificial fertilisers are used to speed growth and productivity of crops but this might not take account of the delicate balance of mineral requirements of plants and foods.

I would always personally suggest organic and GM free food to avoid these nasty extras! but this is not a debate over organic or not it's about the mineral content , organic does not always influence or increase the number of nutrients in the food just the lack of anything extra or harmful . Although more research needs doing on this over long periods of time,

We can’t blame the farmers and producers of our food it's a much bigger issue than this and more reflective of the face paced, profit and consumer driven world we live in.

Government health advice is to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to help maintain health and possibly avoid some cancers.
But research by nutritionist David Thomas reveals that the food we are eating is simply not as good for us as it was during World War II.

In saying that I did read other articles of which there are many suggesting that might need to increase to 7. Although not fully taken on board by governments yet. 

Dr Thomas investigated the fall of nutrients in 64 foods by comparing data from Government-backed scientific studies between 1940 and 1991.
The rate of depletion appeared to be greatest between 1978 and 1991. In those 13 years alone, vegetables lost 57 per cent of their zinc - an important element for the immune system and for male fertility.
Dr Thomas said: "We found that since 1940, the minerals and other nutrients that help to make fruit and vegetables good for you have been in startling decline."
He said that eating fruit and vegetables is still beneficial for health, but continuing falls in nutrients could lead to deficiencies in some consumers.
Daily Mail report.

These reasons are why I take and promote the use of Plant Derived mineral supplements- more information is valuable by clicking the link below.

As to me it seems an apple a day alone will not keep the doctor away,

As always if you have a health complaint please do not delay seek professional medical help

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