Getting your daily tasks done, does require some level of habit or commitment as the organisation and planning is what will help you achieve what you need and want to. So I thought I would share how I approach mine through journaling.

Every night I spend a short amount of time (maybe 5 minutes) planning my next day. Choose a notebook you love! I start by drawing out a time bar, this method involves writing out you AM and PM hours and colour coding your day. I learnt this process from a lady called Kara over at a blog called Boho Berry,  do go check her out , she’s brilliant!  In order to effectively plan my day for my life style there are a few things I also like include, these are the date,  the day of the week , the weather, sunrise and sunset, the temperature  I use the Met Office app on my smartphone  and the current Moon Phase (there are lots of free apps and websites that can give you this information) these may not be necessary for you,  so please do include what matters to you and will aid you in planning your day. I then check my weekly schedule (in tiny calender for me) to see what's happening the next day and include any events or appointments I have. I don’t put huge detail here just a short note and time. I then make a list of everything I want to accomplish the next day. I use the bullet journal​ system to log this, check out their official website, as with Boho Berry it is totally worth meeting and keeping in touch with these experts in their field.
Once everything is brain dumped into my journal  I then allocate time to complete each task. I've come to understand if you don’t schedule time, it's very likely that you won't even start it!  make sure I allocate a realistic amount of time for how long it will take (if you are unsure it is better to over estimate until you get to grips with time management,) be honest and realistic with yourself no judgement , for example don't allow 15 minutes for a task that in reality will take an you an hour and also don’t judged your budgeted time against others, there is no need or point in doing this.
If you find at this point there are more talks then allocated time you need to prioritise which ones you are going to focus on (Top tip: I label mine as I go 1,2,3…)  to be sure I get these done. If I have more time as it was completed in less time than I allocated,  I move on to the next task or I will at the end of my day when I review what I have not completed, I will migrate it to the next day or schedule it for another day or month.
In spending a really short time writing my to do list and reviewing the day I have the opportunity to judge the task i’ve set myself. I ask myself why I am doing it?  Is the way I plan to do it , the most effective? Is there any help or support I need?  and if I haven't completed the task ,I decide is it really needed? One of the best teachings from journaling and planning comes from rewriting a task, it's an amazing time to reflect on if it's really important to you and why you haven’t completed it and then consider when or even if you honestly intend on returning to it to make it happen. It’s your list, it’s your life.I also like to write down something I am gratefulfor and quote. I do post these on my Instagram account and Facebook account  if your looking for inspiration.

Planning ahead just a few minutes every night gives me clarity for the next day, excitement of knowing what is ahead and confidence I can achieve all I set my mind to. Brain dumping allows for better sleep and rest which is really important to health.
So happy daily planning.

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