Dogs and Cats need Minerals too!

Petlife Complete Joint, Coat and Health Care for Cats & Dogs

Using  a combination of 'specific, active' ingredients and the same 100% natural prehistoric plant  minerals we supply for our human clients, we have developed what  we believe to be the ultimate nutrition supplement for cats and dogs.  It has been stated  by eminent doctors, chemists and vets that humans and animals require at least 60 plant  minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state (deficient in today’s human and pet food).  Now  you can add the same high  quality ‘super nutrients’ to your  pet's  daily  diet. Show  your  furry friend you love them... and give them  Pet Life Complete !!

Simply Plant Derived Minerals - Essential  for optimum biological cell health and function in both  humans and animals. These are highly absorbent (bio-available) prehistoric plant  minerals, not cheap ineffective metallic minerals often found in many other  pet food  supplements.In combination with these unique plant  minerals we have included the following actives  to further support healthy joints in cats and dogs :-

Chondroitin - Chondroitin is a source  of an important component for specific cartilage cells that absorb water and provide cushioning and lubrication within joints.
Collagen - Collagen is a specific protein produced by the body  and used to form the fabric and strength of all connective tissues  like cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Curcumin - Curcumin sourced from Turmeric is a natural and powerful antioxidant that mops up harmful free radicals in joints.
Glucosamine - Glucosamine is a fundamental building block  of cartilage and is found in high  concentrations in all types of connective tissue

Omega 3’s - Omega  3 Fatty Acids  from hemp  oil is ideal because they contain the full  combination of special  fats that enables  animals to maintain anti-inflammatory support and general health.

Vitamin  C - Vitamin C, a water soluble antioxidant, is essential for collagen production, regenerating the antioxidant properties of vitamin E and is particularly effective in a water based environment like synovial fluid.

75 Pre-historic Plant Derived Minerals - Essential for optimum biological cell health and function in both humans and animals. These are highly absorbent (bio-available) prehistoric plant minerals, not cheap ineffective metallic minerals often found in many other pet food supplements. 

In combination with these unique plant minerals we have included the following actives to further support healthy joints in cats and dogs.

1. Simply mix with your pet’s normal feed.
2. Pet Life Complete can be fed to all dogs & cats, regardless of
age, size or level of exercise.
3. For continued support, Pet Life Complete is recommended to
be fed on a daily basis.
Size of Animal Dosage (Measure Scoop included)
Cat - Quarter Scoop per Day
Small dog up to 15kgs - Half Scoop per Day
Medium/Large Dog 15kgs to 30kgs - Full level Scoop per Day
Very Large Dog Over 30kgs - Two Full level Scoops per Day



Meet our furry ambassadors

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Hi everyone I'm Leala , I'm a 2 year old Cockerpoo, I I live in Devon on the edge or Cornwall with my human Linda Perry. I love exploring, meeting friends, eating and sleeping! I'm the newest member of the household to start taking plant derived minerals, have you heard of them? All the humans drink the fizzy version in a glass , I’ve tried this a few times when they were not looking and they taste good! But now I have some really tasty powder with my food, full of the same minerals but made especially for dogs. I like it a lot, I already eat a good balanced diet apart from a few borrowed items such as socks and toast crusts. I’m really happy I can join the family in taking care of myself, after 3 months we noticed it It made my coat shine , I malt less, I have cleaner eyes and ears. I don’t get sent out if the room for awful smells (as often!) and my weight has stabilised, the vet said I’m in great shape. My owner says she loves me and wants me to live a long and healthy life and this will help that.


Harry started on the new Petlife last month but as he is a bit picky with food we wondered if he would take to it. The first day he sniffed suspiciously at his bowl but eventually finished it up.

The second day by error we forgot to put the Petlife on his food, Harry sniffed the plate, then walked to the cupboard where we keep his food and sat down looking up as if to say “Where is it then?” The Petlife was added to his food and he immediately wolfed it down and has done so every day since. So don’t worry about your pets trying the minerals they know what is good for them!

Since having Petlife everyday Harry’s coat is definitely more glossy and he has virtually stopped shedding his fur. 
Robert & Jennifer Linford


waiting for my owner to write one....

Cats have staff  , don't you know