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Star Magnolia Essence

Star Magnolia Essence


Star Magnolia Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Star Magnolia Essence 10ml stock 

I have a white lining inside a pink chalice bud 

To bring you much peace , contentment and love

A blueprint, a vibration, feelings of a carer or a mother
balancer, heart nurturer or a sensual lover 
I bring great wisdom as my petals unfold 
I share in the ancient knowledge , a gift to be told
With passion, intuition and an inner knowing 
I bring confidence, a blessing, to keep your self acceptance flowing 
I have energy, I have strength , I can be used for protection
Yet I'm humble, I'm grounded , far away from loss or rejection 
I will aid gentle transition, letting you move forward with ease, 
Spark creativity, allowing you to fulfil anything you please 
I freely uncurl my bud, I look towards the stars in the sky
As spring passes, the time is right, my petals will fly
Feelings of empowerment , gratitude and pride, deep to my centre core
I will leave my mark in the waters below, as the seasons change once more
I am full of love and peace, happiness to be in the present
If I can aid you , then know my name, Star Magnolia Essence

Copyright Linda Perry - Natural Magick

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