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Lavender Flower Essence

Lavender Flower Essence


Lavender Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Lavender Flower Essence 10ml stock 

Lavender Flower Essence is very calming. 

If you feel agitated or upset it will aid in restoring your own inner peace. 

It brings a sense of serenity and calm , harmonising negative or nervous tension.

It allows you to reconnect with your true self, by cooling emotions, giving you mental clarity, and reducing stress. 

It brings feelings of balance when in need of a deep cleansing or space clearing to excessive stimulation.

It is a wonderful essence to help us connect with our spiritual selfs or give our minds the opportunity to be clear for meditation or rest. 

Affirmation ‘ To know, to trust, to connect, to feel at one; I can feel clear, cool, calm and safe as I relax and rejoice in my space within other spaces with no worries at all ’

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