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White Yarrow Essence

White Yarrow Essence


White Yarrow Essence 10ml stock bottle

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 White Yarrow Flower Essence 10ml stock  

Yarrow flower essence is an essence for balancing your emotional health and wellbeing.

A good essence If you feel you want support from feelings of being under pressure. It helps maintain your energetic boundaries, repairs your subtle bodies and bring a sense of calm. 

White yarrow is very good for feelings associated with grief, loss, overwhelm, depression and brain fog. 

It can bring a very protective energy to our emotions, bringing emotional balance at times when we feel isolated, alone, or under attack. 

Yarrow essence is perfect for a highly sensitive person (someone who is very influenced by others or their environment)

If you find it hard to separate your thoughts and feelings, it aids in making sense of things from a mental and emotional state, helping you to understand, be clear and see yourself the way forward. 

Affirmation "I bring a collaboration of heart and mind , to fill my personal space with serenity and light, to keep all energies in balance and at peace"


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