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Foxglove Flower Essence

Foxglove Flower Essence


Foxglove Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Foxglove essence 10ml stock 

This essence is for us to draw out our feelings of deep connection, contentment and peace. It’s energetic aim is to provide us emotional support, as we recognise and realise our hearts desire from a soul level.
It is a perfect essence to use to reconnect with nature, to feel an understanding of the Magick Mother Earth has to offer, perfect for use in meditation, journeying, trance work, past life and astral projection.
A great essence for releasing feelings of fear and anxiety, to help with emotions associated with transition and change. Gives feelings of confidence, awareness and assists in bringing an openness to our perception, inner wisdom, potential and abilities.
Perfect for if you have feelings of self doubt, indecisiveness, difficulties in releasing the past or changing patterns or old habits. It is for supporting our energy centers and subtle bodies, for working with feelings of deep connection to both our physical place on mother Earth and our higher self within the universe.
Very balancing and realigning for earth, heart and soul star chakras allowing us to feel the energies of unconditional and universal love.
Affirmation: " I can create what I wish, reality is energy and energy is source to which I have an infinite and Devine soul connection"

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