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Eucalyptus Essence

Eucalyptus Essence


Eucalyptus Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Eucalyptus Essence 10ml stock 

Eucalyptus essence gives you feelings of an emotional cleansing. Feelings of clear, cooling and revitalizing energies.

It aids feelings of clarity and a sense of ease and creates a go with the flow attitude.

Just as the tree behaves in the wind, the essence aids us to bend, change, be flexible and to go with the flow with complete grace, acceptance and peace.

This essence is to maintain or to inspire feelings of staying strong but not rigid, for continually growing, developing and succeeding.

Perfect for when you feel overloaded with emotions, under pressure or crowded and you long for feelings of a fresh start or a clear head.

This essence has a gentle wisdom and knowledge to share about the importance of self love and care and brings us a deep connection with our heart and the power of nature.

Affirmation ‘’I am perfectly balanced and flowing through my life with grace and ease’’

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