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Cream Rose Flower Essence

Cream Rose Flower Essence


Cream Rose Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Cream Rose Flower Essence 

Everyone needs support through life's transitions on occasions. Cream Rose is my essence of choice for Recovery and Renewal, a great all round essence when you are in a situation where you cannot focus to determine a blend, root cause or intention.

This essence is perfect for unexpected events that heighten our emotional state. E.g. Shock, trauma, grief, loss, separation , anger , fear, surprise, overwhelm , stress, tension.

Cream Rose brings balance, love and purity. It relaxes and aids in invoking feelings of calm, it helps us think clearly, comfort us, restore our own equilibrium.

It can also aid in feelings of protection ,care ,health, confidence, serenity, hope and positivity.

Affirmation " I allow all to be in balance, to feel surrounded above, below and beyond in a bubble of love"

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