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Purple Tulip Flower Essence

Purple Tulip Flower Essence


Purple Tulip Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Purple Tulip Flower Essence 10ml stock 

This essence encourages feelings of self worth. It can be used when there are emotions attached to feeling insignificant or unimportant. 

Helping with inspiration and intuition , this essence guides us through feelings attached to sensitivity , empathy and our soul purpose. 

Powerful and transformative this essence aids in smoothing our emotions , so we can feel content and relaxed in life. It aids with perception and allows us to see the positive aspects of life. 
It is a perfect essence to aid in letting go of feelings that are holding us back and embrace all the future had to hold. 
Tulip essence can be used for heart chakra support.
Affirmation ''I welcome unconditional love , transformation and trust in my life's soul purpose ''


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