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Camellia Flower Essence

Camellia Flower Essence


Camellia Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Camellia Essence 10ml stock 

Camellia essence is one for nurturing. She allows us to come from our heart in decision making finding a calmness and soothing in our energies. Described as a mothers or teddy bears cuddle she brings great comfort when walking our path through life. 
Perfect for times where you feel unsettled , frustrated , confused or energetically wired. Camellia essence allows a balance to be felt, so that you may see and understand your true potential . It quietens the thoughts of indecisiveness, improves the ability to draw on patience when needed and generally creates feelings of serenity. It is a very grounding essence, allowing you to feel supported and strong. Perfect for the root chakra. 
Affirmation 'I am all that I can be , all I need to be , all I should be. My path unfolds out into the world and with it brings possibilities, experiences and positive attitudes'  

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