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Red Geranium Flower Essence

Red Geranium Flower Essence


Red Geranium Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Red Geranium Essence 10ml stock  

This essence brings in feelings of stability and strength. It is for fueling your energy and emotional centers, heightening the emotional feelings attached to drive, stamina, passion and vitality. 

The perfect essence if you are finding it hard to get going, or if in need or want to stand out. 

It is a very protective essence to our subtle bodies and therefore if you are working with groups of people or are very empathetic to your surroundings it can create a sense of security. 

This essence is about feelings of resilience, to push us towards our goals or intentions. 

It has a fiery push so if you are feeling  emotionally lethargic, inactive or lacking motivation this essence will help.  

Affirmation "I am resilient, stable protected and encouraged''

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