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Red Rose Flower Essence

Red Rose Flower Essence


Red Rose Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Red Rose Flower Essence 10ml stock 

Made on 31st July 2015 during blue moon in AQUARIUS and the Sun in LEO.

The Red Rose brings the energy to encompass love and compassion to see the beauty that is within and around us. Helping us stay centered and heart spaced through change. By giving us the confidence and ability to let go of anything that isn't for our highest good. This essence is for one of manifestation, abundance and insight. It gives us the ability to transform negative emotions to positive. It allows us to trust, to love, to forgive. It allows us to release tension, trauma and feelings of doubt.

Adding in the vibrations of the environment we have the Moon that represents the past, your intuition, the unconscious, our emotions a symbol to nurture our feelings and bring the feminine into balance.

The Sun represents the now, our identity, the conscious, our self-esteem and expression. Aquarius and Leo reminds us of the qualities to bring to balance or enhance - our determination, ability to be individualistic, our independence, relationships and love. Support in feelings of confidence to be outgoing where desired, release attachment or being stubborn, to reduce stress and tension.

This combination seems to have come together at this time to allow you the feelings to use your vibration, your energies and subsequently your actions to create and endure a peaceful change from within.

Affirmation 'I feel loved and inspired, so I may see beyond perceived limitations and embrace a higher vision through my Souls Purpose."

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