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Passionflower Flower Essence

Passionflower Flower Essence


Passionflower Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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 Passionflower Flower Essence 10ml stock

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Use this essence to reconnect and understand deeply the process and teaching of our souls journeying done so far.A great essence for working with the emotions when experienced emotional personal suffering or feeling flat and disconnected to the world and everyone around us.

Just like the flower and it's vines reach out from your heart for support , expand, rebirth and resurrect the next aspect of you.
It's essences reminds us we are connected to all around us by total unconditional love , it rebalances us from our heart centre allowing feelings associated to forgiveness and compassion either to be directed at ourselves and or others.
Just like the flower open and closes and it's symmetry seemingly connects the earth and the stars, It reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that the energy of everything is here to centre and guide us as we travel through different experiences .

Did you know this flower name originates from 15th and 16th century when Spanish missionaries identified similarities in the shape, arrangement and number of individual floral parts with crucifixion of Christ (“the passion)

Passion Flowers message is complex but it is saying 'I see the divine in you, you see the divine in me and together we can stretch out our arms of compassion, open our hearts to love , and bring peace to all as we see the divine in everyone and everything'

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