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Buddleia Butterfly Bush Flower Essence

Buddleia Butterfly Bush Flower Essence


Buddleia Butterfly Bush Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Buddleia Butterfly Bush Flower Essence 10ml stock

Known as the butterfly bush due to its ability to attract butterflies in particular but also insects such as bees. It's abundance of tiny nectar filled cups makes it a feeding station for pollinators.

This plant is known for being tall and invasive, it self-seeds and spreads easily, it can grow anywhere, it grows tall and wide and is not afraid of starting its own growth at a high height (I remember seeing one once growing from a drain pipe and chimney!) It is happy making a statement. This life force comes forward in her essence.

The message this essence has to give us is one of change and transformation. A readiness to reach out, confidence, potential and soul ability. It allows our energies and vibrations to easily adjust, self-seed positive thoughts and bring forward a feeling of abundance.

This essence allows us to comfortably reach out from our emotional comfort zone. It allows us to enhance our ability to remain positive, to set aside any past feelings of fear from old wounds and bring in feelings of joy, freedom and beauty of all that can be.

She teaches us to be graceful and tender and increase our awareness allowing an energy signature and message of another or different way of being.
Her message is simple change ensures growth, sometimes letting go of the old had to happen before we can allow the new to birth, be that ideas, emotions, or activities.

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