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Bindweed Flower Essence

Bindweed Flower Essence


Bindweed Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Bindweed Flower Essence 10ml stock

Bindweed has a message almost opposite to her name simply to release feelings associated to restriction, rigidity, pressure, resistance, strain and stress.

A perfect essence to gently balance negative feelings such as embarrassment, self-consciousness, awkwardness, and self-doubt.

Her message is one of conformity but not in a way that destroys our uniqueness. It is about bringing in feelings of acceptance where there is doubt, support to boundaries where needed and confidence where this has been displaced or destroyed through experience.

Bindweed helps you hold onto the positive aspects and rebalance your energies. The white colour only aids this through feelings of peace and purity, goodness of heart and light of the Devine brought forward.

As the colour white contains complete equal balance of all the colours of the spectrum. It brings a sense of impartiality and independence.

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