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Cyclamen Flower Essence

Cyclamen Flower Essence


Cyclamen Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Cyclamen Flower Essence 10ml stock

Cyclamen flower essence has a message of deep love, compassion tenderness, sweetness and connection. It is one to unfurl our potential, allows us to connect with ancestral wisdom. It brings forth the ability to feel there is a meaning to life. It's useful for hope, despair, faith, and feelings of love. Did you know Cyclamen's name is thought to come from the Greek word kuklaminos, derived from kuklos, meaning "circle". I remember this plants benefits and name as it embodies the energies associated to the circle of life - as I see it connects us deeply with the energies attached to our spiritual subtle body and the feelings attached to the sacred, the divine within the universe and nature. It's a reminder to our own life force that when something passes something is born.


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