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Green Wood Spurge (Euphorbia) Flower Essence

Green Wood Spurge (Euphorbia) Flower Essence


Green Wood Spurge (Euphorbia) Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Green Wood Spurge (Euphorbia) Flower Essence 10ml stock

Green Wood Spurge (Euphorbia) has a simple message of releasing, detoxing, shifting and removing stagnant emotions and vibrations.

A powerful essence just like the plants milky sap it's about allowing the toxins (i.e. negative emotions) out.

This essence allows us to remove negativity and unwanted influences from our own energy centers and subtle bodies. By doing so it allows space for movement, growth and potential.

So if you have something that is causing an inner chaos or clutter to your emotions such as feelings attached to fear, bad habits, conditioning, stagnant beliefs or you are feeling irritable, frustrated or intolerant. It may be time to purge with wood spurge!


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