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Knapweed Flower Essence

Knapweed Flower Essence


Knapweed Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Knapweed's name Centaurea is thought to originate from the Greek Centaur named Chiron, who was thought to use these flowers to aid the healing a wound from an arrow.

He was a Greek centaur son of gods whose own name came from the word 'hand'. He was a master at teaching medicine, music, archery, hunting, and prophecy and this connection to the plants name is how I remember the properties of the life force that this flowers essence can bring.

This plant makes us feel, it has an ancient wisdom with a difference, it is in effect an amazing source of nurturing vibrational help hiding in the shadows of grasslands but still there for us to see when looked for or needed. Have you heard of the expression when the student is ready the teacher will appear?
The vibration, the life force of this flower brings our own ability to accept change, to accept help or ask if needed.

It is perfect for someone not willing to change ideas or opinions.
This flowers message or teachings are one of a helping hand, guidance and support. This flower is there to enhance us, to stop us being a hardhead (another common name for the flower due to its structure), to reduce feelings associated to being stubborn or misguided, thoughtless, aggressive, sarcastic, insecure, jealous, resentful and to bring in positive vibrations such as feelings associated to cooperation, adaption, mindfulness, a strength to be kind, considerate, more trusting and understanding.

So enjoy your own teaching from the centaurea without judgement or denial and be the student ready to embrace the next lesson from our heart space as well as our head

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