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Hyacinth (Pink) Flower Essence

Hyacinth (Pink) Flower Essence


Hyacinth (Pink) Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Pink Hyacinth Flower Essence 10ml stock

Pink Hyacinth has a message of trust, love, consistency and play. A great combination for rebuilding feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.

It gives us a gentle rebuild of energies if we feel sensitive or depleted due to our surroundings. The perfect essence for anyone who has feelings associated to loss, grief, betrayal and hurt.

Pink hyacinth also has energies of play and youthfulness. It allows us to find a sense of enthusiasm, it gives us a fresh, tender, keen and cheerful feelings to bring pleasure and enjoyment to ourselves.

It has peaceful ability to bring stillness to your mind, bring you into your heart center and connect with the energy of life. The essence would aid in mediation and soul connection work.

The small star shape collective of flowers allows a reconnection or a deeper connection to life.

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