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Purple Petunia Flower Essence

Purple Petunia Flower Essence


Purple Petunia Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Purple Petunia Flower Essence 10ml stock

Purple Petunia has a message to share of manifestation. She teaches us to allow yourself the opportunity to reach out to all that is around you. She is there to assist in dream making, visualization and to allow yourself any energetic space that is needed to make this happen. She is a messenger of infinite possibilities, directions and realities.

Her message is one of control and belief so that we can move away from feelings of restriction or reliance on luck or chance. To stop feelings of being stuck in place or moment where all there is are feelings of a fate that we cannot, will not or are unable change. The purple petunia reminds us to expand and trust and connect to bring forward what we desire. 

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