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Wild Thyme Flower Essence

Wild Thyme Flower Essence


Wild Thyme Flower Essence 10ml stock bottle

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Wild Thyme Flower Essence 10ml stock

Wild Thyme who has a strong message to watch where we stand!
Not physically but emotionally in order to bring forward internal and recognised feelings of courage and bravery.

It has a message to support our relationship attached to the concept of time and the limitation we put on ourselves with this. So she reminded me to be still, to be brave and to have courage, for there are to be moments to remain still and to realise this is actually very simple.

Working on an emotional extreme of either a busyness of 'beingness' or the feeling of loss or loneliness can bring you off balance emotionally and can leave you longing for a time gone by or thoughts constant stuck to the future, it reminded me that of just being in the here and now will bring a peace greater than I can ever imagine.When I feel the anger of the past or the fear of the future and unknown, I simply find my feet, my inner bravery and courage and make myself present in the now, ready to begin again.  

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