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Oak 10ml Stock Bottle

Oak 10ml Stock Bottle


Oak Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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This Celtic Moon phase is Oak. Now at the height of its power the mighty Oak has transcended from the slumber of the winter solstice, to now the present day and continues until just past the summer solstice in all his glory, where he will then pass his crown to the Holly for the later part of the year. 

In full green and abundant glory this beautiful slow growing tree flowers with delicate tassels in early May, followed by a flourish of green leaves very visible during this phase and then as Autumn approaches will bear its fruit and seed the Acorn.oak flowers

Constantly providing for its community around him the Oak is the grandfather of trees, providing shelter, warmth, food and safety. One of the Isles most ancient trees it is robust and resistant to potentially millions of insects, home to many different birds and animals. It provides without any loss of endurance, strength or fear of its survival. It has been used by people in building construction for the same purpose, just think of those Oak framed houses (especially the Tudor Era here in the UK) still standing tall after hundreds of years and a choice wood for many a famous boat.
Its wood provides warmth in its living state to animals as the bark is thick and sturdy but also as firewood for us, as it burns cleanly and slowly. The mid summers solstice fire is often started by hand drilling two oak sticks together, its wood used as the  Yule log and many other ceremonial fires through time and history.

Its bark provides medicine for many who know how to use it safely and its apples or gauls provide ink and tanning agents. Its magical properties are many and is association with fertility, abundance, good luck and protection is well known. 

When the Acorns drop they provide food for animals to eat and to store for the winter to come. Some replant where they drop or travel through weather and foraging where many find their way to replant and so The Oak’s ancestry continues as his children and children’s children appear all around. It is not surprising then that the Oak is widely associated to ancestors and past lives.

Taking 70 -80 years on occasion before providing its own acorns the tree plants its roots deep into the ground, it is said the oak’s roots go as deep as the tree is tall and as such hold the wisdom of the earth and the knowledge of the heavens. 

The Oak has strong connections in history with an association to noble reign, for kings wore Oak crowns and countries showed the oak and its leaves on flags, coats of arms and the military medals still use its symbol all around the world.

It is thought by some that the word Druid was probably a Gaelic derivation for the word oak, Duir, and had a meaning of ‘men of the oaks’ as many groves were found to be places of ceremony and ritual by the Druids.  Its connection flows through many cultures and deities including but not limited to Dagda, Zeus, Thor, Perun, Hecate, Pan and the green man and many a church was built around oak groves for it was a scared place of worship to manyIf you were born under the Oak phase you are likely to be a strong, responsible and patient person with a sense of duty to nurturer and teach others. You often carry burdens with no complaint, see no limitations in life, are an extremely positive person and a born leader. Even if not born under this phase but you feel soul connection to Oak you will have acquired the same traits.

You may find you sometimes you take onto much, find it difficult to say no, dislike feelings of restriction or control but equally feel the need for boundaries and order. High achievers, goal setters, dreamers and successful people in all they do, are the Oak people of the world. Sometimes they can feel weighted down by responsibility, frustrated, uneasy, confined, trapped, or even lonely. Helping and supporting others, being a healer, a producer, a provider, a console; can if allowed leave you feeling undervalued and exhausted. The Oak person keeps going no matter what, never gives in, never considers themselves or the option for self-care or rest.

Which brings me to the message of the Oak tree, its energy and how it may offer its support through its essence. To which side your energies and emotions fall, depends on the environment around us and our experiences on our own journey thus far, but in us we all have a little acorn ready to be the mighty Oak

Oaks message draws on the positives of all it experiences, it shares its wisdom and endurance, its strength and its support. All without falling. It allows us to recognise and appreciate our limitations and so for example the need for self-care and rest, just as he rests after the summer solstice so must we find the time to rest, so that we may later flourish and thrive in all we do. It allows us to surrender what is not needed like the leaves and acorns in the Autumn so that we may find time to appreciate our accomplishments, give gratitude for lessons and plant seeds for the future, so we may enjoy the energy of rebirth and new beginnings.

Oak essence gives stability for those who need it, allows us the confidence and ability to express through communication, so we may ask for help if needed, it gives us a strength and a power to push beyond our boundaries whilst still protecting us. It allows us to bring fertile and manifesting energies forward, it energies our willpower and helps us listen to our soul voice whilst staying centred and grounded

Other associations to this phase:  

Animal: Wren, Otter, White Horse

Colour: Black

Metal: Gold

Stone: Diamond

Plant: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine 

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