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Reed 10ml Stock Bottle

Reed 10ml Stock Bottle


ReedThis Celtic Moon phase is Reed and incorporates Samhain celebrations. It is a time that is often associated to the original new year, in that brings an element of reflection, a time to rest and a new perspective that comes Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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Reed 28th October - 24th November

This Celtic Moon phase is Reed and incorporates Samhain celebrations. It is a time that is often associated with the original new year, in that it brings reflection, a time to rest and a new perspective that comes with the conclusion of one year and the beginning of a new one. This phase often conveys feelings and desires for new ideas, perceptions, habits and processes which allow us to feel settled and under control of months ahead.

Reed is one of the three phases within the Celtic year that is not directly related to trees. However, they were important plants for the Celts and, although they are grasses, they have some tree-like qualities.  First, they are perennials which can reach nearly two metres (5-6’) in height. Like trees they provide habitat and shelter for rare and threatened birds but do so in wetlands where few trees can survive. Reed roots grow deep down, stretching out through bog, wetland and water fornourishment and stability. They can cover vast areas, indeed, as big as their environment allows, by shooting out underground stems called rhizomes. These also put down roots at regular intervals creating large areas of compact plant, known as Reed Beds. The leaves, which sway and bend in the wind, are broad. flat and taper to a point with rough, cutting edges. The stout, erect stems have been used for many thousands of years for instruments, house building, medicine, shelter and covering.  Flowers are borne in late summer.  They arepurplish-brown and arranged as a dense panicle which characteristically leans to one side. When mature they adopt a grey-green sheen from the long silky hairs that surround the flower base. 

Reed has many an association in folklore and history.  Pan is often connected to the plant through the pipes he plays. Brigid Kildare's cross, symbol of this patron saint of Ireland, is often made of reed, rush or wheat stalks. Talisman the bard was thought to have been found in a reed bed and many goddesses and gods associated with Samhain have an affiliation or connection with the plant.

Reed brings a message though its structure, strength and behaviour. We can find resemblance to our own mind, body and spirit. The Reed shows us that we can to find connection to and communication with earth energies and feel firm and strong all the way down to our etheric roots.  We can also connect with our soul's purpose, towards the sky, our ancestor and astral energies. Reed reminds us to release old and negative energy and to inspires us to move forward with strength, determination and reason.

If you were born under the Reed Celtic Moon Phase you are likely to be a person of passion, control, order and often described by others or maybe even yourself, as assertive. You are likely to be able to make decisions easily, adapting to change without fear and moving forward in life with purpose and direction. You are a survivor, adapting when and where you need to and are someone who knows what they want to achieve. Likely to be ambitious, motivational and engaging, people will look up to you and find inspiration and strength from you. If you were not born under Reed but find an affiliation with the plant it will be these qualities that you aspire to or admire. You will have deep connections to everything around you but enjoy solitary and reflective time to stay grounded and focused.

Sometimes with these traits there can be a resistance to showing your feelings or taking action that may be perceived as a weakness. You believe you should always be strong. Reed peoplewill also fight hard to prove they are right, as they believe there is no other option. Their passion drives them. They can even, on occasion, be impatient, impulsive and subsequently obsessive by actions and nature. It is important that those born under this phase are aware of these traits and use them to positively influence their environment and others around them.

Reeds are very deep thinkers who are reflective, curious and love to learn. They are both the secret keepers and perpetual students. seeking information on all levels from gossip to profound knowledge. They are excellent communicators and always aspire to speak and or seek the truth. These are great people to have in your community.

Vibrationally, Reed essence has a similar message to Ivy's, as it aids in reaching out and achieving our unique potential. But Reedhas a stronger energy of independence.  Rather than being about inner protection and boundaries. It is more about expansion and thinking outside the box. Reed is for feelings of fearlessness and empowerment; to take 'jumps' rather than steps.

Reedessence aids in overcoming fear, of the known and unknown. It allows us greater flexibility, rapid growth and emotional expansion. It is perfect for balancing negative feelings attached to indecisiveness, resistance, impatience, or lack of tolerance. Working with Reedyou will feel her wisdom and protection as you jump forward with greater purpose and understanding.

Reed has a wise a positive connection to our root and soul star chakras. This is the time to accept where we come from, connect with our ancestors, reflect and learn on all we can so that we can use this heritage, and trust that our destiny will unfold as it should. Reed uses its strength to be both individually strong and collectively even stronger. Just as it grows communally in large, dense beds. It brings all its energies together to be one mighty essence.

Other associations with this phase

Animal: White wolf

Colour: Dark Green and Orange

Metal: Iron or bronze

Stone: Emerald or obsidian

Planet: Pluto

Element: Earth

Gender: Male/Female in balance

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