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Ivy 10ml Stock Bottle

Ivy 10ml Stock Bottle


Ivy Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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This Moon phase has the ancient name of Gort meaning field or meadow. Defined by the letter G in the Ogham alphabet, some claim it’s a representation of a field as a representation of an expanse of opportunity ready to be brought together. I also feel that it means field rather than meadow as it has both boundaries and purpose i.e. containment of animals, where a meadow is more open, wild and free.   

There are also many opinions as to why ivy is attached to this phase when it is not a tree.  Perhaps Ivy demonstrated to our ancestors that, although the autumn is here, wealth, connectivity and the circle of life is never ending. You can choose and explore in true Ivy creativity and intellect what both terms mean for you as you read on.  

Deep into the darker days and nights of autumn this phase brings us the ability for growth, renewal, connection, friendship and opportunity - very apt for this time of year when often we are feeling unsure of what strength we have for any challenges ahead.  

Ivy is a strong symbol of survival and determination.  Indeed, it is often thought as a pest due to its virtually indestructible nature.  Ivy has an ability to keep fighting back and will return stronger than ever, even if it has been damaged or significant attempts have been made on restricting or removing it. In both town and country, it can be seen climbing up trees and buildings or creeping across the ground.  It will always find a way, striving for its destination, encompassing everything that stands still without any harm to its attachment, just sharing connection.  

In the ground, Ivy has a deep, nourishing root system and does not, therefore, need to take from others. Above ground tiny aerial roots help the stems climb up supporting structures.  All Ivy species have evergreen leaves usually with 3-5 lobes in a slightly asymmetrical heart shape – as a reminder that it is a symbol of protection and love. The Ivy produces flowers from autumn to early winter arranged as greenish-yellow umbels with five small petals rich in nectar. After fertilisation, these produce blackish berries popular with birds.  

The Ivy phase is one in which we should focus on how we feel and what we are wanting to change, release or renew in our lives.   The plant has long associations with inducing love, by bringing people together. The Greek God Dionysus was thought to have worn a crown of ivy. The Cornish and Irish legends of Tristan and Isolde told how their graves although separate were entwined together with the plant and although King Mark, Tristan’s uncle and Isolde’s husband sliced the Ivy apart it kept growing back to reconnect the lovers.  

Both Ivy and its consort, the Holly, are also mentioned in Pagan tradition and Christmas carols. It is regularly used in ceremonies and to decorate buildings in the darker months of the year. It is also a popular choice for wedding bouquets. 

If you were born under the Ivy phase you are likely to be an extremely sociable person, charismatic and life and soul of the party; a natural public speaker, conscientious diplomat and fun loving individual. You may find you have a perfect balance of determination and creativity. making you artistic and ever the optimist.  Others love having you around and your company and support is often welcome. You have many friends and enjoy being around them.  

The challenging traits of Ivy is that you can be so full of energy and optimism you bury your fears, doubt and hesitancy – anything you consider will hold you back from acknowledging and dealing with it. You are also so passionate you can appear suffocating or when you simply dislike offending other people and disappointing your ideals and expectations.  But do not dwell on these as they are traits that, in balance, bring a strong ability to your character. You have so much to give and hold on to. You are excellent at thinking outside the box. You are also a great learner, brave and resilient and, just like the Ivy, you can overcome and conquer anything you desire.  

Which brings me to the message of the Ivy, its energy and how it may offer its support through its essence. To which side our energies and emotions fall, depends on the environment around us and our experiences on our own journey thus far; but the Ivy brings us a message of reaching out and achieving all our unique potential. 

Ivy’s message aids with feelings attached to ability to bring or accept change. It breaks down boundaries and feelings attached to being stuck in a mindset that constantly replays stressful situations or worries. Ivy allows us to fortify our energetic boundaries and is thought to be very protective as a result - perfect if we are feeling suffocated by ours or others' emotions. 

Ivy aids in the transitions of life, allows movement and freedom so that we can adapt and change with ease. Her message is one of releasing patterns of fear from thought. What we feel is created from our own thoughts and what we are choosing as our focus. Ivy essence allows us to reach our potential through positive thinking. It allows us to centre ourselves back to our heart space so we can feel empowered, confident, capable, grounded and supported thus creating expansive and empowering positive thoughts rather than closed limited and negative thoughts rooted from fear.  

Ivy allows us to reach out and form joyous connections, form friendships and build relationships and supports us with all the emotions that come with that. Ivy’s message is simple let your experiences give you lessons, let your fears give you goals and let no restriction hold you back, for love and light will prevail. ''Bringing you in balance with nature and yourself"  

Other associations to this phase:    

Animal: Blackbird, Butterfly or Vole  

Colour: Green  

Metal: Silver  

Stone: Rose Quartz and Moonstone 

Plant: Moon or Venus 

Element: Water 

Gender: Feminine  

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