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Elder 10ml Stock Bottle

Elder 10ml Stock Bottle


Elder Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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The message of the Elder tree, its energy and how it may offer its support through its essence depends on which side our energies and emotions fall,  the environment around us and our experiences on our own journey thus far; but the Elder brings us a message of hope, transformation, rebirth, protection and healing of old patterns and negative feelings.

Elder's message is so positive. It brings support to transitions in life. It encourages self-love, enthusiasm and joy. It allows us to bring forward our best without restrictions of perfection, constraints or apprehension. 

Elder allows us to be in the moment. It helps release limiting beliefs, build trust rejuvenate and reinvigorate our energies. It can also give a sense of calmness, clarity and cleansing for those who need it.

Bringing in these feelings of kindness, passion and fun will also aid in dissolving negative feelings such as, blame, judgment and guilt. Elder allows us to be ourselves, be authentic, be recharged when needed and totally connected and at one with nature. As she adapts, so do we.

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