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Rowan 10ml Stock Bottle

Rowan 10ml Stock Bottle


Rowan Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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The message of the Rowan tree, its energy and how it may offer its support through its essence. To which side our energies and emotions fall, depends on the environment around us and our experiences on our own journey thus far. But what Rowan does offer us is a chance to reinvent our energies, renew our abilities, enhance our strengths, protect us from negativity and stay strong when the world around us feels too much.

Rowan's message draws on its protective and nourishing qualities allowing us to stay strong when challenged or in times of adversity. To remind us that self-nourishment and giving from a place of abundance is key to balance and healthy longevity. It brings this energy to us through its essence allowing us to use and to share our gifts and knowledge widely. To bring flexibility to our approach to life it protects our emotions, allowing us to reflect and take stock on being truly present in the moment. It will help with clearing our minds and allows inspiration to flow, so it is the perfect essence for use during meditation or when we feel stuck or frustrated. It will open our creativity and ability to see opportunity.

Rowan essence gives protection - not to block things out but to give uscourage and self-confidence.  It will aid us in solving problems, stop us being assumptive, dissolve prejudices and, for those who need it, bring a feeling of certainty.  It allows us to leave behind fears and negative states and focus on hope and positivity whilst realigning us with the natural world. The essence reminds us to be objective, communicate clearly and be gentle and kind.

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