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Alder 10ml Stock Bottle

Alder 10ml Stock Bottle


Alder Tree and Sound Essence 10ml

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.  The Alder allows us to feel we have strong and resilient foundations just like the tree’s own roots. This enables us to have courage and belief in our abilities. Alder gives us a sense of calm and balance to life when we are in crisis or at a time of making decisions.


Alder additionally brings us an opportunity for personal growth through being able be self-reliant and strong.  It brings forward energies of determination, overcoming fear, empowerment, self-belief and compassion. It can help us in our communication with others, bringing a sense and poise to turbulent discussions. It brings balance to heightened emotions and allows us to build bridges where battle has once taken place. Just as the tree reminds us in the way she grows and her uses.  It is also excellent in allowing us to see both sides of any situation, reducing conflict and intensiveness.


Alder is a protective tree, and this comes forward in its essence. It will remind you to not overdo it, to allow yourself space to rest and recover when needed, making sure you don’t push yourself to burn out. It allows us to balance our competitive nature and the feelings of being good enough. Alder allows us to feel vitality, vigor and a zest for life. It will bring an energy to us through its essence aiding our ability to be diplomatic, affectionate and venturous.


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