Meet the FORKS!


These are some of the tuning forks I use in my practice and therapies 

OM frequency 


For tuning the heart chakra and enhancing its natural vibration, helping us just be, to make us feel, calm,connected and relaxed. 

My son has his own OM and his own take/quote 'if you take everything off th earth mummy this is what she would sound like''

Clients have said '' it aids sleep, reduces stress, reduces pain, promotes healing, aids meditation, keeps us in the now, quietens the minds chatter, helps us be the best we can be, aids living in the now, gave me total relaxation.''

‘OM is the Universal great. It is like a Mothers Love. It is the caring sigh of the Universe keeping you safe and secure. It allows stillness within, giving peace, relaxation and clarity.’ (quote from Suara Tuning Fork Sound Healing)


The Cosmic frequencies


Earth - 194.18 Hz ( Red end )

This vibration is thought to aid your root chakra. Helps promote feelings of strength , support, stability, power, physical energy whilst keeping us centred and connected.

Clients have said it gives you that ''I Am feeling” – grounded, present, safe, secure, healthy. 
''Brings you in harmony with nature and yourself" 

Quote from
The whole body gets energised and you feel more awake and alive, stronger and more energetic. It is advisable to use this in the morning, helps to put us in right relationship with Earth.

Moon - 210.42 Hz (Orange end) 

This vibration is thought to aid your Sacral Chakra, which relates to our ability to feel creative, sexual, and accept change.

Clients have said "aids you trust to yourself and your judgment ''
"Calmed my fears and eased my worries" 
"Felt my tummy stop churning "
"Gave me relief and ease after childbirth''

Quote from sexual energy, supports erotic communication, for woman it is good for regulation of menstruation, in general disturbances of gland and lymph system, promotes appreciation of home & family, opens feeling nature, discovery of deeper unconscious aspects of oneself, enhances intuition.

Sun - 126.22 Hz (Yellow-end ) 

This vibration is thought to aid your Solar plexus Chakra, our personal power centre, our will power and self esteam. 

Clients have said: 
"Made me feel relaxed"
" I felt happy and energised"
"Helped me deal with anger and frustration of situation"
"I felt different , more me?"

Quote from
Promotes generosity, opens the heart, stimulates creativity, promotes radiance from within, enhances self-awareness and self-expression, promotes self-confidence, understanding of self-will and assists in finding one's purpose. Meditation carried out to this tone will lead to state beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom

Mercury - (Blue-end ) 

This vibration is thought to aid your Throat Chakra, our power point of communication and expression.

Clients have said: 
"Made me feel like I had released my burdens''
" I felt tingling in my throat, like I was physically clearing it, without actually doing it''
'' I felt after a treatment that it helped me be me, I could say what I ment, not what I thought I should or not at all!''

Venus - (Purple-end )

This vibration is thought to aid your 3rd eye/brow Chakra, our connection to psychic, spirit, intution energies. It needs to be open for visulisation to dream and have inslight.

Clients have said:
"Felt compleatley free and open ''
" I felt tingling in my head, like a massage''
'' I had 2 weeks of amazing meditation work after my treatment''

Soul Purpose - 272.20 Hz (Magenta-end )

This vibration is thought to aid your Crown Chakra, our connection to our higher self, the divine, our lifes purpose.

Clients have said:
"It stopped my mind chatter and helped me just be''
" I tend to think to much, I was able to compleatly relax , it helped me become more calm''
'' It helped me recover from exhaustion , i'm sure of it, i was able to finally switch off and relax, my sleep was better''

Quote from
Soul Purpose is about re-establishing your connection with the Divine. It can help in visualizing your material goals can help manifest them.