Sound Healing


Sound healing is an vibrational/energetic healing, using a tool that makes a sound. Sound travels through the air in form of a wave. The measure for sound waves is a Hertz which is abbreviated as Hz. In the case of the treatments I provide, I will be using tuning forks. Using different tuning forks which have different frequencies/Hz (The measure for sound itself is known as Frequency.) to make a perfect sound; When you strike a tuning fork it causes the air around the fork to vibrate, sending out very strong vibrating impulses through the air.This sound/pitch/vibration is then used on or around the body. The sound frequencies are thought to help the body/mind with the intention of bringing you into a state of holistic health and well being for both therapeutic and energetic treatments. By having a sound healing you are holistically helping in restoring your bodies vibration to its optimum state at that time. Sound is a form of energy that enters the ears and brain it is thought to have the  ability to affect the nervous system and be able to change the arrangement of molecules in our cells thus promoting healing and health. 


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We have a short discussion to start with (Consultation form)  around your medical history, current lifestyle and conditions so that the correct tuning forks and treatment is performed. A sound healing can last from 30 mins to hour and a half. You are not required to take off any clothing, just to remove bulky layers (likes overcoats) and your shoes.

I can use either a chair, futon or a massage couch for the treatment. In fact I can do a treatment wherever you are most comfortable. I want to create a feeling of relaxation and peace for your treatment (so we will discuss what is best for you). I will ask you to get comfortable,close your eyes, sometimes I will add or remove a blanket, use essential oils in the room or play music (please advise me if you are not comfortable with this). I will talk to you a little but want to remain focused and keep you relaxed so am happy to answer questions or hear your feedback, but to get the most from the experience I prefer to leave this till the end of the treatment.

I use a  range of different techniques and forks depending on what the person needs it will usually involve me checking your bodies (physical and subtle) vibrations using a crystal pendulum, IMG_3286before starting a treatment. No two sessions are identical as different people require different treatments. The actual treatment will involve me using the tuning forks around your body, you may hear or feel the frequencies, with your permission I will sometimes use the forks on the body this is known as steaming. You may experience feelings of heat or cold or even tingling sensations during the treatment. Most people feel deeply relaxed and energised, some people fall asleep, thats fine to, its your treatment! At the end of the treatment we will discusses the treatment and may recommend further treatments, you will also have the opportunity to purchase (at an additional cost)  tuning forks for your own use/treatment at home. 


After the therapy it is recommended to drink plenty of water and to take it easy, so please think about what you are booking afterwards for your own benefit. If you need to contact me after with any questions you are always welcome to do so . 


90 Minute Sound Healing - £45.00

60 Minute Sound Healing - £35.00

30 Minute  Sound Healing - £20.00

**special introductory offer 3 weeks treatments of one 30min, one 60 min and one 90 min treatment when booked/paid in advance for £85** saving £15 

 **terms and conditions apply