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Wow, I just had to come and let you know the difference using the tuning forks has made for my daughter this evening. My youngest daughter is autistic and suffers with chronic pain & fatigue, today has been a particularly tough day for her and she is full of cold. She took her Ohm & 528 Tuning Forks and went to lie on my bed for 15 minutes to give herself a sound bath. She has come back into the living room with the most amazing sparkle in her eyes and looks totally relaxated and calm. A huge THANK YOU for introducing tuning forks & sound healing into our lives it has been truly beneficial to her! A huge THANK YOU Linda I would recommend you to everyone, particularly to families with autistic children xxx
LOVE my mister sprays, thank you Linda you are brilliant xx
Amazing products and customer service. Thank you
 lovely products and fantastic service from a lovely lady :-)