Why is our soil so depleted of minerals?

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There are about 5 reasons why the nutrition is going out of our soil and, consequently, out of our food.

First, our soil is eroding. We’re losing all our fertile topsoil due to erosion. Soil erosion is caused by the bulldozing, burning, and cultivation of the plant material that was used to nourish the
soil and the removal of the kind of plant cover fertile topsoil needs to thrive. All these factors are causing the top three, fertile layers of our soil to erode.

Second, our mineral-rich topsoil has been so ravaged by over-farming that there is not enough fertile, mineral containing soil left.
Third, farmers are breeding high yield varieties of plants with weak root systems that cannot absorb the few nutrients that are left in the soil.

Fourth, the use of pesticides negatively impacts the nutritional quality of food.
Lastly, the use of NPK (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K)) fertilizers, which do not replace the soil with necessary organic matter that produces nutrients.
Not to mention the genetic breeding of less nutritious, hardier, higher yielding plant varieties that provide huge quantities of food but not nutrient dense, high quality food. All these factors have resulted in what is called “mineral dilution” or “nutrient dilution” of our food.
If we cannot get our nutrients from our food anymore, we’re going to have to put them back into our bodies and soil again. That’s the only solution. Think it all you might, it is the only solution.
We cannot force industrial farmers to replace the minerals in our soil . . . yet


source healthyplannetnews.com

This is why the plant minerals we provide actually have the nutrients in.

Millions of years ago the soil near the earth’s surface, where our plants are grown, was saturated with dozens of minerals. At least 84 minerals were available nearly everywhere and some areas of the planet did contain 100 minerals. The plants of prehistoric times were rich in minerals because there was an abundant supply for them to feed upon from the soil. When a plant grows it draws available minerals from the soil.

We now know the mineral content of plants has been severely altered throughout the last several million years and drastically altered during the last 100 years.

Our plant minerals come from historic plant matter that did not fossilise at at time when there was no.....


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